Sunday, 28 October 2012

Review - Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann

First Published: Febuary 8, 2011

Pages: 256

My Rating: 4.5/5

Goodreads Summary: Kendall loves her life in small town Cryer's Cross, Montana, but she also longs for something more. She knows the chances of going to school in New York are small, but she's not the type to give up easily. Even though it will mean leaving Nico, the world's sweetest boyfriend, behind.

But when Cryer's Cross is rocked by unspeakable tragedy, Kendall shoves her dreams aside and focuses on just one goal: help find her missing friends. Even if it means spending time with the one boy she shouldn't get close to... the one boy who makes her question everything she feels for Nico.

Determined to help and to stay true to the boy she's always loved, Kendall keeps up the search—and stumbles upon some frightening local history. She knows she can't stop digging, but Kendall is about to find out just how far the townspeople will go to keep their secrets buried....

So, I've been pacing around my room decided what I should review for my first review. After a while I just decided to grab a random book that I've already read. Oh, and by the way, the random spaces in between these ( ) are spoilers, if you want to read them, highlight the text. Anyway, onto the review.
I read this book in one sitting. Not because it's short (okay, well that's part of it), but because I really liked it. I admit that I'm definitely not an expert in the horror genre. I'll read a creepy pasta on the internet and it'll leave me sleepless for days. This book didn't actually scare me very much, it's creepiness only lingered in my brain for a few hours. But there are these really cool messages at random points in the book. Here's one from the very start of the book.


     When it is over, we breathe and ache like old oak, like peeling birch. One of Our lost souls set free. We move, a chess piece in the dark room, cast iron legs a centimeter at a time, crying out in silent carved graffiti. Calling to Our next victim, Our next savior. We carve on our face:

Touch me.
Save my soul. 

I don't know about you, but I looked forward to these messages. I thought this was an excellent way to start the book. Onto the plot. The plot was put together pretty well and I loved how well Kendall's OCD tied into the plot. Although the ending was kind of cheesy (the desk was haunted, really? Ooh possessed desk, now that's the plot for a freaky novel!), I liked how it all tied together, with no loose ends whatsoever. I also loved how the romance in the book was the undertone. Don't you hate in when you're expecting to read a book with an exciting plot, but instead it's taken over by romance? I do. The pacing was pretty good, whenever I started to get bored something interesting happened. 

I felt really bad for Kendall, her boyfriend (although she doesn't use that word), disappeared and everyone expects her to go back to her every day life after the search for Nico. On top of this her soccer team is disbanded, (she doesn't get into Julliard), (and she also nearly dies). All in all, Kendall's life is pretty crappy. I liked the other characters too. Her love interest wasn't a copy of her (thank god!), and the other characters weren't completely pushed out of the picture because her character hogged the entire book. 

Overall, I would recommend this book. It was amazing other than the cheesy ending. 

If you have the chance, you should also check out her Dream Catcher trilogy starting with Wake. In the future, I will probably also review one of her other books called Dead to You. It's been sitting in my room for ages, but I haven't actually gotten to reading it.

Have you guys read this book? What did you think? Comment below!



  1. Hey, I just got the book from the library because school was canceled. (Hurricane Sandy, although it didn't even rain.) Gonna read it tonight!

  2. I finished it last night after a 8 hour orchestra rehearsal. I think it was uniquely written. It was a lot shorter than I expected it to be but it was better than I thought it would be. 4 stars from me.